The Most Advanced Data Analytics Technology In The Field


Transforming Your Pivot into a Complete Crop Management Machine

No longer will your center pivot be thought of solely as an irrigation machine. Utilizing your pivots as the digital data hub, Valley and Prospera are bringing unprecedented visibility to your fields so you can optimize your irrigation and progress toward autonomous crop management.

Sharing the intelligence between connected field devices, the pivot, and the integration of data science and machine learning allows you to detect and receive the critical information to deliver greater crop precision, resulting in greater returns while using fewer inputs and resources.

Implementation of One Million Acres by 2020


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Valley Irrigation founded the center pivot irrigation industry in 1954, and is the worldwide leader in sales, service, quality and technology. With historical sales of more than 250,000 machines, Valley-built equipment annually irrigates approximately 25 million acres (10 million hectares) around the world. This global presence will become even more powerful with Prospera’s AI-based solutions, connecting growers everywhere with the data they need to become more efficient and productive.

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How it works

Putting Data Into Action


Crops are constantly monitored with an array of sensors, from satellite imagery to drones and soil probes. Any existing data source is integrated into the data layering to optimize plant health.


The data collected is analyzed in the Prospera Cloud by powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines, Computer Vision (CV) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.


Post analysis, recommendations are sent to the field prompting the grower to take action. The instructions can also be sent directly to the pivot for robotic operation with grower notification to commence operation for true autonomous crop management as technology progresses.


How Data Analytics Will Impact Your Operation

Detect anomalies

Multi-sensor data provides a complete view of field conditions and plant health, right on the computer, tablet or smart phone. If there are issues, the grower can take action immediately, avoiding potential damage and loss.

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Optimize irrigation

AI-powered applications do the complex analysis, following the crop water stress index (CWSI). The result is optimal irrigation scheduling and water usage throughout the entire growing cycle.

Control pests & diseases

Computer vision algorithms analyze images from various heights, and then alerts the grower of risks to crops – long before they’re noticeable with the naked eye.

Computer vision in action Prospera’s AI algorithms detect pests on plants before human growers notice anything


Data Scientists in Muddy Boots

Prospera is an established leader in greenhouse digital farming, working with leading produce growers globally. With industry leading machine vision specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics for the agricultural market. Their sole focus is to provide technologies to help growers produce healthier, higher yields.


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data points analyzed daily

The future is now

Leading The Way

“A growing world population demands higher crop yields. Our long-term vision is providing true precision ag in the form of complete data integration with an autonomous pivot. The grower and agronomist will know everything happening in the field, to address the needs of each individual plant.”

Stephen G. Kaniewski
Valmont President and CEO

“Prospera is committed to giving growers more data-based, actionable insights from the machines that span every inch of their fields, while reducing potential risks that can harm crop production.”

Daniel Koppel
Prospera Technologies CEO


One Million Acres by 2020

The AI-enabled applications will be available to growers with any pivot brand in the spring of 2019 delivered through the Valley Irrigation worldwide dealer network. Deployment of the technology will quickly ramp up to provide the entire install base fully automated crop management in the coming years.

It is necessary to move toward greater precision of each individual plant to improve yield and sustain growth in feeding an ever-expanding population. Using the intelligence of technology, we plan to continue to help growers make the most of every drop of water from the most structurally sound machine in the field. The result – optimized data for greater plant health reducing inputs for greater gains.

Implementation of One Million Acres by 2020